Olea Royal Spa. Your temple of relaxation is here.

A big part of the Olea experience is our dedication to wellness. This is where the Royal Spa area comes in. Surrounded by the ever-presence of water, you will enjoy our soothing therapies while you close your eyes and empty your mind.

In over 300 square meters, you will find balance, both mentally and physically, thanks to our highly trained therapists who will introduce you to a world of total relaxation and help you let go of all your stress.

Our collaborator in this journey is the acclaimed German brand Babor, a pioneer in professional skincare that has set the standard in the industry.

With Babor’s highly innovative active formulations that are carefully combined with our exclusive treatment methods you will enjoy luxurious, tailor-made treatments that deliver maximum individual results.


Fitness and Beauty Salon. A magic touch

If you’re looking for a cool, peaceful place with great views to train, the Fitness room is for you. Similarly, if you’d like to devote your day to beauty treatments, our beauticians will pamper you and make sure that you leave the salon radiant and fully rejuvenated.

Outdoor fitness & gym

There’s no greater space for a workout, than a place of unique evergreen beauty with an open horizon that extends to the sea. Personal and group training sessions are available upon request.