Pacifico By Nikkei

Awarded Athenian restaurant Nikkei travels to Zakynthos for the season’s hottest collaboration with Olea All Suite Hotel, winner of the 2018 Interior Design Magazine “Best of Year Award”.

With its unique blend of tropical modernism, Olea All Suite Hotel becomes the perfect host for one of Athens’ most popular restaurants newest venture; Pacifico by Nikkei.

Named after the Pacific ocean whose waters touch both Peru and Japan, Olea’s new project which has been co-developed with Nikkei restaurant in Athens, marries the simplicity and precision of Japanese culinary traditions with the depth of exotic Peruvian ingredients. Just like the Pacific ocean, so does Pacifico bridge the two distinct cultures to deliver dishes that surprise and titillate the senses.

Located at the heart of Olea’s heavenly, 3,000m2 pool, Pacifico remains true to the resort’s ever present bohemian chic mood, offering a touch of unrefined luxury. Guests are welcome to take off their shoes, sink their toes into the golden sand and enjoy true relaxation thanks to the plush pillows and ethnic carpets. This barefoot luxury approach is specifically designed to engage all their senses into the Nikkei rite that will follow.

Just like every other Nikkei restaurant, Pacifico’s ultimate goal is to beguile its guests by offering them a fun and relaxed foray into the art of fusion gastronomy.

The dishes are meant to be shared with everyone at the table — much like one would do at a family dinner! Some of the must-haves of the menu, curated by chef Spiros Mavroeidis, include tuna rolls with kizame wasabi and chilli bean sauce; nigiri croakers with fried quinoa and amarillo peppers; sushi rice tacos with octopus, chorizo, reva and tsalaka; udon noodles with pak choi and picanha beef; sesame tofu duck breast.

The impressive menu goes hand in hand with Pacifico’s expertly curated cocktail list by bar manager Mary Talaiporou and bar consultant Spiros Kerkyras, with libations that perfectly balance sweet and sour tones. True to the Nikkei tradition, Pacifico’s cocktail list functions as a mini encyclopedia on all things Nikkei and on how the Japanese-Peruvian fusion cuisine can be seen through a Greek lens.

Guests will have the chance to try cocktail offerings such as the "Renacimiento de ojos de brujas" (a take on Bloody Mary with ume apricot vinegar, amazake rice cream, cancha corn and fig vinegar reduction), the "Yuzu sour" (perfect for pairings with ceviche) or an after dinner cocktail such as the "Pacasmayo" (a twist on espresso martini with Dominican Republic rum, dry chocolate, sherry, raisins and lime leaves).

Pacifico becomes Olea’s latest addition to the resort’s enticing food and beverage options, with Omikron restaurant and Flow fine dining restaurant already offering Greek and Mediterranean cuisine along with unparalleled views of the island.

Being the first Nikkei restaurant in Zakynthos, Pacifico aims to elevate the local gastronomy scene the same way Olea All Suite Hotel has elevated local hospitality. It’s this combination of the exotic, Pacifico by Nikkei flavors and the awarded aesthetics and design of Olea that will turn a meal at Pacifico into a truly unique experience.